Access to further control systems of the Fanuc family with Makino and Generic ISO control. The introduced changes are available in both the disk version and the online editor.



Introduction of HAAS controller support to all versions of the NC Project. The program parser analyzes the correctness of program syntax for both milling and lathe machine tools, including G, M-codes specific to the given machine type.



Providing the basic NC code editor for online Fanuc control for web browsers. The program has a program syntax analysis, highlighting the same addresses and coordinates, axis rotation and unit conversion. The online version allows you to familiarize yourself with the algorithm of the full version of the editor and to verify and edit programs up to 1 MB in size of NC code. The application is available in the Mini online editor tab.



The new BeeCAM Solutions channel for the NC Project program is available on YouTube. We invite you to watch the movies showing the functionality and operation of selected program options. Access to the channel is through the page menu, widget and directly under the link:



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NC Project version 1.0 has an implemented parser (syntax checker) for the FANUC control system and other controls from the so-called the Fanuc family. The configuration of the parser has been adapted mainly to milling machine tools, but also has functions and codes used on lathes and turning-milling centers.

The current version has a library of ready drilling cycles for FANUC control as well as selected milling and turning machines. This library can be easily expanded with new own cycles or program fragments. When creating a new program, it is automatically assigned a header and footer in accordance with the FANUC standard.