NC Project

Advanced environment for creating and editing programs for numerically controlled machine tools based on Fanuc control

NC Project

  • Create your NC programs with the help of a professional tool
  • Use intelligent prompts tailored to the program blocks you enter
  • Save your templates and diagrams in the library and place them anywhere you want
  • Speed typing with automatic insertion of correct addresses
  • Control work parameters controlling the machine tool
  • Convert coordinates, renumber blocks, replace axis indexes
  • Create a database of your machine tools and work parameters assigned to them
  • Verify programs generated by any CAM system

Why the NC Project?


Advanced NC program editor
NC Project is an integrated development environment (in short IDE from Integrated Development Environment), accelerating and facilitating work with NC code, which, unlike a regular editor such as Notepad for Windows, has more advanced functions and is equipped with additional options.


Tools for creating and controlling program syntax
NC Project facilitates the creation and operation of NC programs using tools and functions such as syntax highlighting, intelligent code suggestions, analysis and conversion of parametric values, control of the most important machine control functions and many other features not available in a plain text editor.


Library of CNC machine tools
Using the built-in library of machine tool kinematic systems, you can easily adapt the program to the machine’s real kinematics. Then you can specify the working ranges of each axis, feed speed, base point or tool change. In addition, you can specify the tool change time, probe or pallet measurement. Thanks to this, NC Project controls the correctness of the axis address definition, machine tool scope of work, tool time and many other factors determining the correct and safe machining on real machine tools.