Feature List

NC PROJECT feature list

Analysis of the correct syntax for CNC controls
  • FANUC milling machines
  • FANUC lathes
  • FANUC turning-milling centers
  • HAAS milling machines
  • HAAS lathes
  • Makino milling
  • Generic milling
  • Generic lathes
Project and file management
  • Work with many files
  • Remote and local storage of program files
  • Support for large files, up to 100 MB in volume
  • Import / Export of any number of machine tool machine configuration templates
Advanced editor
  • Advanced and configurable editor
  • Undo and redo option
  • Drag and drop support
  • Displaying special characters
  • Support for multiple cards (files) simultaneously
  • Print with preview
  • Hints of acceptable addresses for G-code in a given block
  • Automatic hints on the meaning of the functions indicated
  • Advanced text search and replacement, including support for regular expressions and wildcards
  • Selecting modified lines
  • Designation of the character limit in lines
  • Illegal code highlighting
  • The option of collapsing multiple blocks with the option of naming them
  • Checkpoints (breakpoints)
  • Coloring program syntax, function addresses and comments
  • Highlighting of the currently edited line
  • Selecting lines in which changes have been made
  • Line numbering
  • Copy, cut and paste functions for all or part of the text
  • XYZ coordinate quick insert window using the numeric keypad
  • Support for multiple files in tab or multi-view form
  • Macro recording and playback
  • Zooming in and out of the text
  • Delete spaces from blocks
  • Selection and indication of the area of ​​selected program fragments
Additional options
  • Creating, grouping and editing libraries of code fragments divided into categories
  • Case-sensitivity conversion (lower case <> upper case)
  • Renumbering blocks
  • Split programs into multiple files according to selected rules
  • Manager for syntax errors, axis ranges, etc.
User Interface
  • Clear layout of windows and information panels
  • Customizable workspace
  • Dragging, hiding, grouping panels as needed
  • Many configuration options for the work environment and the main editor window
  • Free service patches for current versions (commercial licenses)
    Free technical support by email (commercial licenses)
Help and references
  • Handbook of basic FANUC control system options
  • Description of all functions available in the program
  • Sample files with NC programs
  • Support in using the program