NC Project is a specialized program that combines the features of an advanced text editor with functions dedicated to the creation, editing and control of programs on numerically controlled machine tools.

The program is addressed to all technologists, programmers of CNC machine tools and people involved in the implementation of programs based on G-codes.

The program environment is made in such a way that the programmer technologist fully focused on the purpose of his work, having at his disposal automatic prompts and checking the correctness of the construction of the program syntax, as well as supervision over the parameters and working space of the machine.

A unique feature of the program is the initial configuration of the parameters of your CNC machine, so as to accurately reflect its condition affecting the correctness of the NC code. In many cases this can replace or reduce the number of tests and corrections of the NC program on a real CNC machine tool.

NC Project has implemented a parser analyzing and controlling control syntax based on Fanuc, Makino, Generic and HAAS controls.

Browse tool operating parameters

Each called tool has its feed and revolution parameters with which it worked. Selecting any parameter will indicate its location in the NC program. Each tool is stored in a separate tree branch for easy identification and convenience of use. List of tools present in the program

Analyze variables in the NC program code

The program dynamically calculates the value of each defined parameter and indicates the places of its definition and occurrence in the program. If there is no variable definition or an incorrectly defined or assigned value, an error message will be displayed. Pointing the cursor at the parameter will display a balloon with its last adopted value. List of all variables and parameters used in the program…

Create your cycle libraries and operations

The user has at his disposal a number of ready machining cycles, which, when filled with coordinate values, can be inserted anywhere in the program. Each saved cycle is assigned to the default category (or own created by the user) additionally it may be provided with a description explaining the meaning of the functions and addresses used. The number of cycles or pieces of code is…

Track the machine’s working parameters

The most important information about machine tool operation defined in the NC code is collected in one place, which significantly facilitates control over the most important parameters, eliminating time-consuming analysis and program search. By analyzing the created or imported program, you can check the current state of the most important machining parameters anywhere in the program. NC Project analyzes the program to the place of selection…

Find errors in the NC program code

Each block of the program is analyzed by the parser for correctness with the standard of the control system and with the defined machine tool. In the event of a discrepancy, information about the type of error and its position in the program is displayed. Errors such as: machine tool operating range exceeded exceeding the permissible value of feed or revolution speed invalid address format occurrence…

Control the tool path and working time

The program automatically calculates the tool work time based on the feed rate specified in the program and the time of rapid movement, tool change and other operations entered in the configuration window. The time displayed in the form of a table is divided into quick and working movements for each tool separately and the whole process in its entirety. In parallel, the path that the…