Verification and analysis of the most important parameters of the NC program

Program path and time
NC Project - Program path and time

Control of cutting time and rapid positioning for each tool separately and for the entire program. The reading can be made anywhere in the program, which gives the possibility of dividing the path due to the adopted criterion of time or distance traveled.

Variables and parameters
NC Project - Variables and parameters

View and track all variables and parameters that have been used in the program. Control their value, place of declaration and subsequent appeals. Analyze conditional functions and loops.

Error List
NC Project - Error List

A list with a description of program syntax errors, incorrect G and M-codes, or belonging to the same group. NC Project also finds the wrong coordinate format or exceeded work area and cutting data ranges. Errors can be searched automatically or at the user’s request.

Parameters of Tool Feed Speed
NC Project - Parameters of Tool Feed Speed

Each call and speed spindle and feed of the tool appearing in the program are assigned to the appropriate tree category. Selecting any parameter on the list highlights the block in which it was declared. The program also recognizes parametric record of the mentioned T F S functions.