IT solutions in the programming of CNC machine tools
IT solutions in the programming of CNC machine tools
NC Project
NC Project

Advanced environment for creating and editing programs for numerically controlled machine tools

NC Project

Designed for technologists and programmers of CNC machine tools to facilitate their work, increase speed and eliminate errors associated with editing or creating programs based on G-codes. With NC Project write and modify your NC programs, control their syntax and operating parameters of the CNC machine tool.
Browse tool operating parameters
Each called tool has its feed and revolution parameters with which it worked. Selecting any parameter will indicate its location in the NC program. Each...
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Analyze variables in the NC program code
The program dynamically calculates the value of each defined parameter and indicates the places of its definition and occurrence in the program. If there is...
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Create your cycle libraries and operations
The user has at his disposal a number of ready machining cycles, which, when filled with coordinate values, can be inserted anywhere in the program....
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Track the machine’s working parameters
The most important information about machine tool operation defined in the NC code is collected in one place, which significantly facilitates control over the most...
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Find errors in the NC program code
Each block of the program is analyzed by the parser for correctness with the standard of the control system and with the defined machine tool....
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Control the tool path and working time
The program automatically calculates the tool work time based on the feed rate specified in the program and the time of rapid movement, tool change...
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