Mini editor online

Mini edytor online

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The mini online editor allows you to check the operation of the NC Project engine to a very limited extent without having to install the program on a PC. The functions provided are:
– verification of the correctness of the code 1,
– axis rotation,
– unit conversions.

The editor uses the default settings for Fanuc control and other controls with similar program syntax. Unlike the full version, the full time version and the simplified version of the Lite program, the editor does not analyze or calculate the variables, functions and parameters of the program. In order for the values after rotation or conversion to be correct, the NC code must pass validation without errors beforehand. The online editor interface is minimalistic and was created for use in a web browser 2.

1) The online editor defines a database of G-codes typical for controlling the FANUC family, the most important M-codes and word format.
2) The mini online editor has a size limit of 1 MB of program code volume.
Machine tool – defines the type of machine tool for which the NC code is being entered.
Program units – identifies the units in which the program coordinates are entered.
Convert – converts to the selected program unit. The conversion automatically converts the input units to those obtained from the conversion.
Axis rotation – performs coordinate rotation according to the selected angular value and axis of rotation.
Verify code – verifies the correctness of the code, including the correctness of addresses, formats and special words of the Fanuc, HAAS, Makino and Generic standards.
Clear – removes all code from the editor window.
Restart – loads the sample NC code again.

See the comparison table of the NC Project versions.

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