Basic information describing the use and features of the NC file

Basic information
Basic information

Basic operating information taken from a file

Cutting parameters chart
Cutting parameters chart

Graph showing the coordinates and cutting parameters of the tools used in the program

Detailed information
Detailed information

List of tools and their most important parameters used in the program


Limit values of the coordinates and cutting parameters of the selected machining file

Information about files
Information about files

List of NC files of the selected machining project

Find file …
Find file …

File search window according to given criteria

Add machine tools
Add machine tools

The machine tool definition window of the user’s machinery

Machine selection …
Machine selection …

Selection of the machine tool for the NC file meeting the given criteria

Cataloging NC programs

Cataloging your NC programs has never been so easy!


Select a single file or folder containing NC programs on your machine tools

and our NC file cataloging application will do the rest for you.

A few moments and you are ready to browse the database of your NC programs.

The database developed by us will store data automatically extracted from NC programs, such as:

  • Duration of the program

  • Time of machining with a given tool

  • Single tool path length

  • Total path length of all tools

  • Number of tools used

  • The largest and smallest range of motion for each axis

  • The working feed used for each tool

  • Spindle rotation for each operation

  • Number of times the same tool is used

  • Tool correction

  • Number and type of movements: rapid G0, arcs G2 / G3, linear G1

  • Drilling cycles used

  • Non-drilling cycles used

  • Type of programming: absolute, incremental, mixed

  • Type of units: inch, mm

  • Number of blocks in the NC file

  • Information taken from comments

  • … and a lot more


Additionally, you will be able to correct or enter your own data.

We currently support automatic data download from control system programs such as:

  • Fanuc

  • Haas

  • Makino

We are constantly developing our application. What type of CNC controller should we support next? Complete our poll below.

Another control that automatically extracts data from NC programs should be ...

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